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Characteristics of the Department

The Economic and Financial Law Department was founded at the beginning of this century, August, 2001.

 The purpose is to cooperate and to support the need of manpower relates to economic and financial law in a new economic development of Taiwan.

Also, with the brand-new horizon of the world and the technology, we are hoping to guide the reformation of economic financial law groups in order to sustain continuation and creativity of our competitiveness.

Therefore, except for passing on our profession and skills, the mission is to create an environment to cultivate students. So that the students are equipped with innovation, cooperation, thinking, truth, freedom, self-rule, toughness, open-mindedness, activeness toward learning, care for the society and broad horizon for strengthening the sustainable competitiveness of our country.

The development of globalization and advanced technology gradually leads economic and financial law to a cross-field integrated model of law, natural science, society, management and liberal studies

During the progress of our development, we will try to collaborate law with other fields of related subjects in order to bring forth the culture, life-force and expectancy of economic and financial law.


Principles of Teaching

Based on the radical idea of education, we focus on guiding students to discover social knowledge actively for cooperating and integrating together. Thus the intention is to nurture students to attain freewill attitude and habits of learning. 

In teaching and interaction, through the care and respect to social humanity, we direct students to feel and to carry out the vitality of law as well to get a foothold in the trends of technological society and humane balance in economics.



Employments after Graduating


Students graduate from this department could participate in different kinds of national examinations, including lawyering, legal profession, etc. In addition, students could choose to enter government organizations or to stay in private firms such as transnational corporations and non-profit organizations.


Going abroad to study and to work on related researches is also one of the multiple choices for students.

According to the globalization nowadays, we encourage students to seek employments in international and financial industry overseas to have a competitive market struggling with.Related industries overseas include legal profession, law office and law consultant of transnational firms and so on. Nevertheless, students who will go abroad must to sharpen their foreign language competence as soon as possible.


Moreover, thanks to the efforts of field integration, students could join careers other than law in various sorts of corporations. After gaining experience, they could go into academia to educate the next generations which benefits our society.

When it comes to occupations in the future, the graduates first should know themselves and then prepare requirement in order to choose jobs rightly.




國立高雄大學財經法律學系Department of Economic and Financial Law, NUK